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Recommended by Dee / Gotta Love It 10/24/2019

Add Ninja Cat to the Line-up of Engaging Animated Heroes

If as a parent you are searching for a creative way to brooch such topics with your children as financial responsibility, self-care and respect, avoiding debt and accepting a moral code in order to live your best life life, Ninja Cat: Whiskers of Choice offers the perfect literary vehicle.

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Book Nook: Ninja Cat - Whiskers of Choice 11/1/2019

Motherhood Moment Interviews the Author

My daughter loves ninjas, so I thought it would be fun to review Ninja Cat: Whiskers of Choice. This graphic novel follows Lando, a mischievous cat who lives in the big city and finds himself in financial trouble, along with his animal friends.

The book manages to cover a lot of topics - finances, bullying, peer pressure, absentee parents, and more. Throughout, it's filled with easy-to-follow dialogue and crazy escapades to keep the story moving. It's in black and white, so kids can feel free to add their own color to it, and is geared for kids 8-12 (the author worked with his 10-year-old son to make it engaging for kids).

I had a chance to interview the author to learn more.

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Donna Seebo Show 11/4/2019

Donna Seebo of the Donna Seebo Show Interviews Author Justin Donner

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Tom Sumner Interview 11/4/2019

Tom Sumner Interviews the Author, Justin Donner

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Ninja Cat:Whiskers of Choice #1 on Amazon in Children's Law & Crime Books! 9/29/2019