Ninja Cat: Whiskers of Choice

A cast-away cat with no parents who lives on the mean city streets with his animal friends fights for financial freedom when a notorious loan shark bullies them into a wild heist situation!

Lando, Squirrel, Mouse, Bird and Bee take out a $2,000 loan from the Tank Bank, unknowingly agreeing to Loan Shark's 20% weekly compounding interest that balloons their repayment to over $21,000 quickly! Loan Shark forces them to choose: Join the Street Gang, commit a heist and repay the money, or become his next snack.

While helping his friends with their loan, Lando learns about his ninja roots, seeks advice from grown-ups he trusts, and utilizes calming techniques to chill, breathe, and stay cool in the face of pressure to make the best choice to save the day.

Ninja Cat, written by millennial parent Justin and edited by his 11 year old son, provides parents an amazing opportunity to introduce kids to tough topics like finance, loans, interest rates and repayment, peer pressure, gang behavior, cliques, absentee parents, stress management, urban/rural differences, and making difficult choices while considering consequences and accountability (including the criminal justice system and social stigmas, like snitching).

Lots of bold, hard-to-discuss topics inspired by what parent ought to expose their kdis to in 2019 and beyond. In a new digital world with financial pressures like never before challenging urban and rural citizens, Ninja Cat presents these modern issues using amazing, hilarious illustrations that easily propels the subject matter with wicked humor and fun.

Read with your kid, fill in the blanks to further guide their personal whiskers so they can make wise choices when life gets real!

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